Khaki Ball

Where on earth do I start about this big event? Always something we enjoy-  I think mainly because it is our one night a year we stay overnight away from the kids. Gosh- that sounds awful, but when you”ve been married 13 yrs with only 3 or 4 nights away from your kids.. hell- anyone would look forward to that!

The Khaki Ball is an event held by Chiefs in the Navy. It marks the arrival of new selectees into becoming a Chief. So they have this huge party somewhere fancy, dinner, dancing and umm  lots o alcohol!

We always enjoy visiting with people that somehow even though we live close- we somehow never manage to see. During dinner you are seated with those you work directly with. However after dinner, everyone moves about to their closer knit groups and hangs there for the night. This year would be different for us. The few couples we do things with regularly wouldnt be attending this year, but we still found friends we love to be around- and thats where we stayed throughout the night.  I had some reservations about going this year.. Last year so many asked about Former Fat Girl Fitness, that I wasnt sure how I would handle questions and such this year.. Oh- not to worry- a gorgeous, dont hold back kinda gal I know took care of all of that for me. Ran into someone in the hall, I dont know but who asked, “oh, dont you have a website with that one girl who used to live here??” Well this fiery red head spoke up in her drunken state, put a big thumb down in the air and with a roaring rasberry sound of her tongue said, Pfft! Nope! Kim dont need that fake blankety blank- she’s got her own thing goin on!”   You know who you are Red, and God I love you!

Lots of my crystal light margaritas were consumed- more by hubby than I..  I saw many sides to him in that 24 hours that I rarely if ever see. I’d say many could repeat that same statement for their spouses and friends.. one thing in particular that stands out in my mind was the men dancing on the tables.. yep- you heard right.. dancing on the tables..

My husband was not one of these doing the table dancing, however he did have one hell of  battle with the porcelain God.. I told him in between  his bouts to the bathroom he sounded as if he was practicing his vowel sounds with all the groaning that he did.. aaaaaeeeeeeeiiiioooouuuuuuuuu… LOL! Pitiful but funny!

I even had to load up our things alone, get the stuff to the car and drive home- poor guy was out of commission the entire next day. But we got home, ate pizza ( well me and the kids) and relaxed all day in PJ’s.. good times. Hopefully my friend that had her camera will send me pics.  well, I think. She didnt start taking pics til the last hour of the night. You know- when the lights come on and everyone looks at everyone else in horror as the drinking and sweating from dancing has taken its toll on your hair and makeup!

so- if the pics arent too scary- I’ll put them up.. wish I had taken my camera. Between the table dancing, the guys floating in the pool with the keg- and women in their bras and underwear outside swimming- what a laugh! You know that Navy slogan, ” Its not just a job, its an adventure!” Well- I’d sum the night up with this, ” It wasnt just a party- it was an adventure!”

ok- a few pics to show the craziness! Hubby and I wayy after we should have left! Me eating cake! You would have thought it was a lizard the way people freaked out that I was eating cake!?? what up folks?? I got some fluff on me- me likey cake! 🙂 But the one that made me laugh my arse off- here it was midnight and no one had touched the cake- so I TOOK OVER!! Official cake cutter! LOL! But check out the totally drunk man to the right of me- sweaty collar and all! Looks like he is saying, ” Could ya cut that stuff a little faster? I’m about to pass out!”


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5 Responses to “Khaki Ball”

  1. Heather Says:

    YAY!!!! I love it & the pics are great! I love me some good cake too girl! And I think I like “Red!” She’s my kinda gal for sure!

    So glad you enjoyed yourself & enjoyed some tastiness!


  2. Big Pappa Says:

    Damn, you sure are one HOTT woman!!

  3. kissmyglutes Says:

    ok “Big Pappa” You are ghey! but I love u..

  4. Samantha Says:

    Looks like a blast…geez could you be any hotter?!

  5. Tessa Says:

    Looks like you had a wild and crazy time. That’s totally awesome 🙂 I miss you, woman! My phone is back on, call or text! :lub:

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